PREORDER Organic Keto Sparkling 12 pack
PREORDER Organic Keto Sparkling 12 pack
Organic Keto Sparkling

PREORDER Organic Keto Sparkling 12 pack

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Shipping NOW. This sparkling is different to the sparkling you might have tasted before - it has under 1g of sugar/per litre, lower sulphur (for those of you with allergies) and it is very dry with refreshing notes of white peach and pear. It has a brilliant pale yellow colour exotically different to the regular sparking. 
It is organic and minimal intervention so it is supposed to have sediment - just leftover grapes as this sparkling hasn't been fined. Please stand the bottle up to let the sediment settle at the bottom before consuming.
It is a limited release as this sparking is not available in Australia, so until the stock runs out. 

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