Hi! My name is Mariia and for me this is personal.

My story is not the most difficult or the most original but it is a story about a girl suffering from sulphur allergy while on a strict low-sugar, low-carb (Keto) diet who couldn't imagine her life without wine.

If you love a glass of wine with dinner - you understand, it's a part of the meal and no one should feel left out from this experience. I thought so too and one day I woke up with an idea that "surely there has to be a way" for all of us to enjoy the wine and not worry about the sugar levels and allergies.

And this is how The Only Keto Wines Co was born.

Countless lab tests later and around 1000 bottles of wine sampled, while doing Ketosis strip tests and searching through regions and grape varieties, here we are.

My business partner Scott and I can now bring this collection to you.

And Here is why I believe that if you are reading this you are Our person:

I was always skinny and fit (used to be a model in the early days). And yes, sometimes I wasn't living a healthy life style or following the doctor's advice but I never had issues with my figure and I took pride in that (sometimes foolishly as nothing lasts forever).

And then one day around 5 years ago I woke up realising that I gained 30 kg in under 6 months. You would think that I or my friends noticed this change, and you would think that I did something to provoke it.

In reality I don't think I will ever know. I had a very demanding job and basically was stressed out of my mind 24/7. I couldn't sleep anymore and drank a bit more that usual (oh those sugary drinks) but I was still exercising from time to time and eating what I thought was a regular amount of food.

However, as the doctors said I might have had experienced a hormonal change that led to my body going completely haywire and just stockpiling anything and everything.

Since then I quit that job and started exercising, I devoted countless hours (sometimes up to 5 hours a day) to losing weight. I tried not eating, eating healthy, counting calories - and unfortunately nothing really worked fast or well enough.

I was depressed and hiding myself from people. And the most frustrating thing to me was the fact that I didn't know how to make it work, how to find a sustainable way to get back to the figure I was so proud of, and how to just believe in myself again.

And then I discovered the Keto diet and don't get me wrong - I tried it a couple of times and it wasn't easy to get it right. It took many tries and frustrations but after achieving ketosis I started losing weight and believing again. I started caring not about how I can eat less but about what is in my food, and why what I eat is important.

I lost 25 kg while on keto diet and still enjoying our wines when we opened our company 3,5 years ago during the pandemic in Melbourne. I am still working on my body, exercising and it is still a work in progress. Most importantly today I know so much more of what is good for me and how actually hard it is to lose weight. How stupid I was, thinking that "It is just for the lack of trying".

There are so many things that come into play when we try to achieve our health goals and if The Only Keto Wines Co can make it easier and more enjoyable for any of you this is the best gift for us.

We believe that What's inside your wine counts and you should be able to make informed decisions. We know that no matter what health conditions you have (diabetes, asthma, etc.) or what your fitness or health goals are - it is important to be able to enjoy a glass of wine without feeling that you are giving up on your goals or risking your health.

Thank you for joining our community, and no matter where you are in your well-being journey please keep believing and keep going. We are here to help.

Mariia and Scott


The Only Keto Wines Co