The Only Low sugar - under 0.25g/glass, Low sulphur - under 95ppm Curated Wine Delivery in Australia
Organic, Vegan, Low sugar - under 1.7 g/L - from 0 to 0.25g/glass(150ml), Low sulphur under 95 ppm/L, Keto friendly, Paleo friendly Curated collection
Lab tested for Purity and confidence
Extraordinary wines

We know how important it is to have confidence in the products you purchase.

And when wine is a part of your meal it's important to know what exactly is in it.

All of our wines are preselected and follow a long list of criteria so that you don't have to worry that this wine will throw you out of ketosis or flare up your asthma.

You can just enjoy pure and organic wine while discovering everything our incredible country has to offer

How it works

We curate and lab test

Every wine is carefully chosen based on it's taste, region and quality. Every wine is lab tested and has to fit our strict low sugar and low sulphur criteria

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Your choice

You pick what wine varieties you prefer, quantity and how often you want to enjoy the wine.

Maybe it's 3 or 6 bottles a month, maybe it's 12 every other week, or maybe you just want to try one box no questions asked.

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Pure joy

We deliver wines to your door (Australia wide) and you continue your healthy life style while enjoying every bottle, writing reviews and having dinner parties with likeminded people.

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Less allergies,
nasty hangovers,
and weight gains

Our commitment

Our wine is Naturally or Biodynamically farmed, it is Vegan and Keto friendly, it is lab tested for Low total sulphur - under 95ppm and Low sugar - under 0.25g/glass(150ml) - under 1.7g/l and by the way it tastes AMAZING!

Why we Lab test our Wines
Quality Control

We commit to finding not only tasty wines but also to ensuring their purity by testing with NATA accredited Omic Lab . This way we can ensure that wine falls under our strict criteria. We label the wine with our Quality sticker so no matter where you bring it you know that this wine is pure.

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