"The Mountain Is You" by Brianna West

Transforming Self-Sabotage Into Self-Mastery

How often you wanted to start something and found a million reasons why not? I do it all the time, there is always something that is more urgent, something that is simply in the way. Even when we finally start something it is still almost impossible to continue, to create consistency, to feel comfortable doing it.

I have been looking for an answer to the questions "why I stop myself" for the last at least 15 years, with constant new books, ideas, teachings. And everyone says that the answer is within however no one really explains what are the steps to finding and practicing, what is "the way"? So if you are like me and you ask this question constantly - this book is for you, and yet it might, like unfortunately all of them, not answer all of your questions but I think if you are ready to understand it "The Mountain is you" will give you a possibility to fight your personal issues, recognise them and maybe bring you a little bit closer to the answer you should work our in your life to fight your own demons.

What is the best keto wine pairing? And how do I choose what low sugar wine is the best for this read?

We are pairing it with our Organic, Vegan very smooth and silky The Hedonist Tempranillo. As always we have a story - why this wine is the best in our opinion for this particular read. Of course  - you do you and please drink you most favourite wine every time and any time because no one would ever tell you what to enjoy:)

However personally for us this one is a red - so you know the book is serious, but it is not so heavy as a Shiraz would be - so it doesn't overpower all of your important self discoveries you are going to be making during the read.

It also not as light as Pinot Noir because you don't want to be too mellow with your head in the clouds, you want to be focused and serious.

The Hedonist Tempranillo Tasting Notes


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How do I select The Hedonist Tempranillo in my keto wines box?

First of all if you didn't know as with any of our wines you can select your wine varieties in every box from a dropdown many for each bottle simply by clicking on the arrow next to "choose your own wine varieties" but of course if you want to have this specific bottle for this read - simply add it to your "bottle preferences" and we will fulfil accordingly.

How to select your keto wine varieties in every box

If you selected many of the same wine varieties in you box - for example all Tempranillo, or all Pinot Noir and this is your first box we recommend letting us give you a selection of the brands we have in this variety so you can find a favourite as people often do, however if you already know what you want by simply saying it in your "bottle preferences" will ensure that you are ready to start ready "The Mountain is You " by Brianna Wiest we a required supply of the perfect pairing from our The Only Keto Wines Co Book club.


Have a great read and please let us know in the comments how was the book, did it help? What are your favourite quotes and thoughts about it?

And of course which Keto Wine did you enjoy while reading it? As I previously discussed on socials we are thinking about starting maybe a private group with actually books being sent to you or downloaded with the wine pairings for the month, would you be interested in this and what kind of books inspire you the most?

Leave us your recommendations.