Organic Keto French Champagne and Keto Wines 3 pack
Organic Keto French Champagne and Keto Wines 3 pack
Organic Keto French Champagne and Keto Wines 3 pack

Organic Keto French Champagne and Keto Wines 3 pack

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We are so excited to bring Keto Champagne to our collection again. This French Champagne is Organic practices and lab tested by independent NATA accredited lab to be at 0.9g of sugar/per LITRE(which means literally almost no sugar in your glass!) and incredibly low sulphur. It is a perfect gift for anyone with allergies, on low carb low sugar diet or just simply a Champagne Lover.

This is a mixed pack of 3 wines with one Champagne. You can select the other 2 wines. We also have this Champagne available per bottle, as well as a discounted pack of 6 Bottles.

 Billecart- Salmon started with the marriage of Nicolas François Billecart and Elisabeth Salmon in 1818 and seven generations later this delicate Brut Nature is now available here in Australia.

Pale gold in colour enhanced by the clarity of a sparkling, crystalline blend. 

Champagne with complex and seductive aromas of dried fruits and brioche combined with floral notes. These are further enhanced by the subtle charm of lemon verbena.

Exhibits a charming biscuity flavour with notes of white flesh fruits and full and harmonious minerality which results in a sensational balanced finish.

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We Believe that wine enjoyment is an important part of life. We aim to procure only the cleanest wines to bring a healthy choice to your table without sacrificing the compelling expression of taste.

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All of our wines are organic/organic practices. We aim to work with biodynamic wineries that promote sustainability in wine making as well as honesty in their process while delivering the highest quality of wine.

The only lab tested Curated Collection in Australia

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Be sure to drink only the wine that has been preselected and tested to ensure purity

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